Graveside Salute to Charlie Parker

This annual tradition of a 21 sax salute recognizing the birthday of jazz legend Charlie “Yardbird” Parker has been revived by several jazz groups including the Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors. This ceremony at Lincoln Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri was held with the participation of many area musicians who.formed a traditional New Orleans-style funeral parade (or “second line”) to the grave site, where music was played, poems were read, and general revelry ensued.parkemmem

One interesting note about the secluded site; Bird, who died at 32 years of age, said he didn’t want to be buried in Kansas City, so his grave is actually right across–I mean a few FEET-across the border in Jackson County, Missouri.

And no…I’m not expecting, although it looks like it!!!!

Memory Lane


At KAKE-TV in Wichita and recently ran into this display in a conference room. I’m old enough to have worked with most of this equipment, yes even the microphone (there was one in the old 580 radio studios for the Pleasant Valley Gang).

OK, maybe not the phones, but the rest is proudly part of my working past.

Tense Times for Relatives of Iraqi Refugees

Dakhel Zanadinan and freinds are trying to find out more about their relatives, who were stranded on a mountian top for days after the Islamic ISIS militants attacked their villages and forced them to flee. According to Zanadian, many were imprisioned, tortured and raped. Zanadian and others comprise a farily large population of Yazidi Iraqis who now live in Lincoln, NE. I had the honor of speaking to Dakhel and his freinds and family recently for NBC News.