40-plus years in broadcast news. Never ever a job, never drudgery, more like a daily thrill: an adventure of witnessing instant history, a feeling of learning something new daily–sometimes minute-by-minute. Yeah it was that, and a lot of unpleasant stuff I choose not to remember as fondly. But to me, it was never a job.

Overall, it’s been a gas man, really been a gas. I’m amazed I lived through it and humbled to have contributed in some small way (TBD-many would say that’s a stretch).

This is a simple but responsive Word Press blog I’ve been using for many years to chronicle a variety of past professional and semi-pro accomplishments, gigs, projects, or just moments I want to remember for reasons now forgotten. It might be time to begin archiving many of these posts and revamping the site. Maybe blow it up and redirect it to…?

In almost any profession, keeping current with rapid exponential change is critical to staying (somewhat) relevant. That, and flexibility and dumb luck. But as soon as you think you’ve figured it out, you discover more things you don’t know.

In the end, you realize you are constantly flailing against obsolescence.

And during your brief tour of duty, you hope to have done something good, provided a service, improved something or someone’s life. Or at least just tell ’em something(truth not propaganda) that they didn’t know.