40-plus years in broadcast news. Never ever a job, never drudgery, more like a daily thrill: an adventure of witnessing instant history, a feeling of learning something new daily–sometimes minute-by-minute. Yeah it was that, and a lot of unpleasant stuff I choose not to remember as fondly. But to me, it was never a job.

Being 57

The only idiot I work for anymore is me. As mom always says…. “…Don’t get old…”

Memory Lane

At KAKE-TV in Wichita and recently ran into this display in a conference room. I’m old enough to have worked with most of this equipment, yes even the microphone (there was one in the old 580 radio studios for the Pleasant Valley Gang). OK, maybe not the phones, but the rest is proudly part of

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SKILLS *Comprehensive knowledge of radio, television and internet news/content delivery *Proficient in major video, audio, and web publishing software and operating systems *Extensive logistical skills with breaking news, emergencies, and special events * Broad based knowledge of network, desktop, laptop technical issues and repairs * Experienced in LAN installations/maintenance * 30+ years of writing and