Wedding v. Weather-The Wedding Wins

I had the pleasure of visiting Caleb and Candra Pence in Osmond, Nebraska on Saturday, June 29th, 2013. The crew and I were there to shoot a segment for The Weather Channel and NBC’s Peacock Productions “Weather Caught on Camera. It seems the Pence’s nuptials were interrupted by an EF 3 and at least one

Oklahoma, May 2013

(Moore, OK)—I was here in 1999 for the other f5 that decimated Moore. Damage path is worse this time, but fortunately the death toll is lower. Once again, residents were well-warned, and maybe more of them reached storm shelters this time around. Maybe they were just plain luckier. Above or underground, its tough to survive


WSU Coach Gregg Marshall and Senior Forward Maclom Armstead talking about the Shocker’s winning a Final Four berth  on Sunday at the half of the Louisville-Duke game. The remote took place at the coach’s house. What a great bunch of people and thanks to the crew(Freebird’s Brian Scarcello, Cameraman John Tygart and Soundman Pete Wilkerson)

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