The Boys of October

Covering the World Series in Kansas City with ABC producer and colleague Jim Votjech. View from the press box game 2.

I Get A Kick Outta You….

Working with animals is always challenging and often fun. This one was fun with Jim Shroyer, Mary and Bob Mertz for an upcoming segment for “That’s My Farm.”

Morehead KY: Kim Davis Lets Deputy Ink Licenses

Waiting for the deputy clerk to issue the first same-sex marriage license since Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis said she wouldn’t stand in the way of the office issuing licenses…apparently avoiding another stint in jail.

Morehead, KY: The Kim Davis Saga Continues

Waiting it out in the rain. County Clerk Kim Davis didn’t show for work Thursday or Friday, but we expect she’ll return Monday September 14th. Whether she allows her office to grant same-sex marriage licenses is the 64k question.

Ferguson, MO

Hanging in Ferguson,MO. No curfews…expecting quiet to return…except after we leave.

An Emotional Interview

It is extremely difficult to interview a parent who has recently lost a child. I’ve only done it a handful of times in some 35 years and believe me, it doesn’t get any easier. Yesterday was one of those times with Chad Carlile, whose 9 year old son Kaiser–a bat boy for the Liberal, KS