An Emotional Interview

It is extremely difficult to interview a parent who has recently lost a child. I’ve only done it a handful of times in some 35 years and believe me, it doesn’t get any easier.

Yesterday was one of those times with Chad Carlile, whose 9 year old son Kaiser–a bat boy for the Liberal, KS Bee Jays (summer baseball team for young adults) was accidentally killed by a practice swing from one of the team’s own players during a game at the National Baseball Congress championships in Wichita, KS.
chad_carlileinterviewChad was very gracious during our 25 minute interview for NBC’s Today Show. The part that moved me the most was when he talked about the decision to donate his son’s organs. I had to make a similar decision not too long ago and, to me, it signified (as Chad echoed) the acknowledgment of the passing of someone you love. The segment is featured below.

This is Chad and soon-to-be 8 yr old daughter Kierse, who he says, would be allowed to become a bat girl if she wanted to follow in her brother’s footsteps.

jd_chad_KeirseThere is a “Go Fund Me” account for Kaiser’s funeral expenses and Keirse’s future college education.

Kansas batboy who died in accident laid to rest

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He’s dubbed the oldest worker in America.

FullSizeRender_2At 103 years young Saturday, Loren Wade has been dubbed “America’s Oldest Worker.” He’s worked in various capacities at the Walmart in Winfield Kansas since 1983, currently in the garden section.
After serving in the Air Force in WWII, he had 20 some odd years at the post office when he” retired” and then decided sitting in a rocking chair wasn’t for him.

To celebrate the town is throwing a birthday party this afternoon and his story was aired on the Today Show Sunday, July 26th.
Wade received a call from another famous senior: former Senator Bob Dole, 11 years Wade’s junior.

Oh yea…Loren still drives to work five days a week.
Walmart did Wade and the rest of the “Greatest Generation” a solid as well; donating 125k to the National World War II Memorial Campaign.
It was a pleasure and an education interviewing Loren Wade.

(footnote: Wade passed away at age 104 in late November, 2016).

Tense Times for Relatives of Iraqi Refugees

Dakhel Zanadinan and freinds are trying to find out more about their relatives, who were stranded on a mountian top for days after the Islamic ISIS militants attacked their villages and forced them to flee. According to Zanadian, many were imprisioned, tortured and raped. Zanadian and others comprise a farily large population of Yazidi Iraqis who now live in Lincoln, NE. I had the honor of speaking to Dakhel and his freinds and family recently for NBC News.