A day in the life…

 Of Louise Harrison, older sister of the late George Harrison.I had the pleasure of interviewing Louise this past Labor Day at her studio on Branson, Mo., where she tours with the Beatles cover band “The Liverpool Legends.”

The spot is set to air on ITV British television in the near future. What an interesting and full life this 86 year old has lived. It was a pleasure meeting and interviewing her.

Analog To Digital: Save Those Memories.

Dear Broadcasters:

Have a collection/archive of aging reel to reels, carts, cassettes, or records that you want to preserve in the digital age?

I have the resources and the time to help you convert those analog gems into any digital audio format you wish (aiff, mp3, mp4, wav, etc). I have a vintage Crown 800 reel to reel which can play 7-1/2 and 3-3/4 reels beautifully, plus TEAC and Techniques cassette machines and CD burner.

I can put the files on CD, DVD, or an external or thumb drive.

My rates are reasonable–$20.00/reel in most cases, and yes, I have splicing equipment in case a repair is in order. As a former broadcaster, I know the value of precious memories, award winning material, or just the bloopers that made the job with doing every day.

Visit my website jimdoblin.com and we’ll hash out the details.

Video tape conversion also available.

Jim Doblin

Grayson, KY:County Clerk Kim Davis Freed From Jail

Here to cover the Rawson County, KY clerk Kim Davis, who was released after 6 days in jail for her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licences.


Suffice to say, the day was long and hot, with many live hits in front of a frantic crowd outside the jail.



The story continues as we wait to see whether she will be back behind bars after she returns to work and continues to stay true to her Christian  beliefs against gay marriage.

He’s dubbed the oldest worker in America.

FullSizeRender_2At 103 years young Saturday, Loren Wade has been dubbed “America’s Oldest Worker.” He’s worked in various capacities at the Walmart in Winfield Kansas since 1983, currently in the garden section.
After serving in the Air Force in WWII, he had 20 some odd years at the post office when he” retired” and then decided sitting in a rocking chair wasn’t for him.

To celebrate the town is throwing a birthday party this afternoon and his story was aired on the Today Show Sunday, July 26th.
Wade received a call from another famous senior: former Senator Bob Dole, 11 years Wade’s junior.

Oh yea…Loren still drives to work five days a week.
Walmart did Wade and the rest of the “Greatest Generation” a solid as well; donating 125k to the National World War II Memorial Campaign.
It was a pleasure and an education interviewing Loren Wade.

(footnote: Wade passed away at age 104 in late November, 2016).